Industrial Flooring

BGSB is Industry leader in the field of Concrete Industrial Flooring replacing traditional VDF/ TREMIX technology and coming up with more premium finishes like Polished Concrete flooring, Stamped Concrete, and Micro Topping Floors in India and Australia.

With the international operating experience of more than 25 years in the concrete flooring industry, BGSB claims market leadership.We are pioneers in the use of Laser Screed and Automatic Truss Screed machines for the production of super flat concrete floorings. The Laser Screed machine is a fully automatic and 100 percent remote-controlled machine that comes with a telescopic boom extension arm to achieve best in class FF-50 grade flatness or higher (also known as category 1 of TR34 specification).

Concrete Industrial Flooring

Industrial Concrete Flooring – For Heavy duty Industrial & warehouse floors

The Flatness & durability are the fundamental performance requirement for a flooring and an important  in floors and an important consideration in terms of Industrial or warehouse floor construction. The introduction of high rise forklift trucks means and requires greater attention to the flat flooring system specifications, their achievement and measurements are essential. 

Concrete industrial flooring undoubtedly gives a wide scope of ideas and innovations to venture into. Concrete flooring due to its inherited properties is durable,tough,sturdy and resistant to chip and scratch, concrete flooring requires less amount of maintenance in comprasion to others. Being a green and environmental product, it ensure hygiene,cleanliness and dust free aura for living. To add vibrancy and liveliness, concrete flooring gives several options for colors, shades, designs and types of venture into. We at BGSB, specialize in designing & casting industrial or warehouse Concrete floor slabs as per the fine tolerance prescribed by IS 2571-1970(Re-Affirmed 2006)& International standards including as per TR 34, DIN 15 185 & ASTM 1155.

old laser screeding video

BGSB's mantra to achieve high quality results:                    

  • An eye to minute detailing and specification.
  • Operator skill.
  • Raw material selection.
  • Quality control procedures.
  • Expert supervision.
  • Managerial skills.

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 LIGCHINE SCREEDSAVER(Laser Guided, boom extension) Machine:

This ScreedSaver machine by Ligchine USA has an automatic laser control mechanism which ensures accuracy as per the highest prescribed tolerances with the use of electronic and remote controlled hydraulics. unlike the conventional walk behind models, the ScreedSaver machine comes with telescopic boom extension arm which does not allow the machine to go inside the concrete ensuring the best in class flatness results This technology helps to achieve desired tolerances as per TR34 UK standards or other international flooring standards and has the capability to deliver up to 30,000 Sq.Ft. Per Day.

Truss screed   


This machine by Bartell Morrison INC. Canada, has an automatic hydraullic controlled movement system which ensures most consistent screed finish of concrete. It has an inbuiltvibrator within the screed board which ensures consistent compactness and vibration throughout the casted slab. The width of slab can be extended up to 50 feet using different extension modules. Most interestingly, this machine can be put to use where the required tolerance is "Superflat" as per regultaed flooring standards. 



BGSB has an innovative approach towards concrete indsutrial floors as a material and even specializes in casting colored concrete flooring. It includes integrally selective color options, acid staining and even colored hardener toppings. It is a value added service which improves aesthetics of the floor without compromising on the durability and structual strength of the concrete slab. Though grey color is a popular choice for concrete floors, especially for factories and warehouses but various other color options can also be looked at whilst choosing from the pallet. The floor can be left with their natural cement color, or can be colored to produced the perfect shade by combining multiple colors. colors can be swirled together to create a mottled effect or kept seprate with a distinct pattern. Dry shake Hardener based stains are the most tried-and-true method of coloring concrete floors and are prized for their permanence and unique color statement. Moreover, acid stains penetrate and react chemically with the concrete slab making the floor look unique and distinct.

Coloured concrete flooring