Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is a modern flooring option that is sustainable, durable and easy to maintain. It adds a sophisticated look to your business or home , giving endless possibilities for customizing your floor with glass, metals, in-laid stones, or other aesthetic material.

At BGSB we have 25 years of experience in polishing concrete floors and concrete walls. Our expertise in the field is unsurpassed, and no-one in India has added more polished concrete floors than us.

The process of polishing concrete takes place in stages. We use the most modern grinding machines and more specialized equipment for polishing and, of course, we can also put your new concrete floor and make sure to provide the floor with the necessary cure so that you get a floor of concrete that lasts for several years.

The Advantages of Polishing Concrete Floor:-

concrete polishing on floor

  • Cost Effective: Here the price is a crucial factor. Concrete floors are easier and cheaper to install than other floor types.
  • Longer Floor Life: After polishing concrete, the floor has a long service life than floors with tiling, wood, linoleum or carpets.
  • Easy Maintenance: Polishing floor reduces maintenance costs as these floors no longer support mold, dust mites, bacteria and mold growth.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Polishing Concrete floors make then look aesthetically appealing.

We polish concrete floors using mechanical grinding technology. The result is a beautiful, wear-resistant surface. Concrete from plain-looking "rough" material turns into a unique coating that has strength, durability, ease of maintenance and versatility of design.

The technology of polishing concrete can be applied to already exploited or newly filled concrete slabs. After the preparation (cleaning, cleaning) of the finished concrete base, the polishing process consists of successively removing the increasingly thin layers of concrete with a special machine, with a constant replacement of the set of diamond bits (from coarser to shallower ones) to achieve the desired result. In the process of polishing, concrete dust is removed by a special high-performance vacuum cleaner.

The versatility of decoration is another advantage of polished concrete. Polished concrete can be combined with concrete, painted completely and decorative paints to achieve an appearance that causes admiration or creates any combination of colors. Thanks to this advantage, polished concrete is taken into account by architects and designers in the design of retail zones and in any other place where the beautiful appearance of the finishing floor layer outweighs the maintenance requirements.