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BGSB Laser screed saver video
Enjoy the video of BGSB's Laser ScreedSaver machine in action at Industrial job site, situated in Haryana, India to execute heavy duty concrete floor in wide panel design. BGSB provides customized flooring solutions depending upon nature of industrial activity to be executed at given shop floor. Thi...
Laser screed SFRC concrete flooring by BGSB
SFRC jointless floors using Ligchine ScreedSaver, fully automatic boom extension machine to produce super flat concrete floors. Now in India by BGSB Concrete Solutions.
Laser screed flooring - BGSB
Laser screed concrete flooring being casted using Screedsaver Machine by BGSB, to achieve super flat results confirming to TR34 cat-2 or FM2. BGSB is India's only company to own maximum number of such machines to cater clients throughout India and provide state of art flooring solutions. For mor...
laser screeding by BGSB
laser screeding of concrete by laser screed saver operated by BGSB CONCRETE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. (INDIA) NEW DELHI. GURGAON
Floor profiling by BGSB using Dipstick 2272
BGSB offers floor profiling using latest Dipstick 2272, made in USA by FACE USA. BGSB is certified to generate floor flatness reports and our engineers are authorised to sign off the reports. We can construct and profile the floors as per TR34 UK standards as well other standards such as ASTM, DIN, ...