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ideal Ideal Joint System®  Made in Italy

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IDEAL JOINT SYSTEM® BGSB now offers the solutions for the best performing construction joints that addresses most of the concerns faced by the construction industry in terms of concrete floor performances. IDEAL JOINT SYSTEM ® has been carefully designed and developed to offer engineers, specifiers and contractors, the most innovative construction joint system in the flooring industry today. THE IDEAL JOINT SYSTEM ® will distribute load transfer evenly allowing horizontal, and lateral movement between each independent section of the slab-on-grade providing seamless approach to the entire area.

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IDEAL JOINT SYSTEM makes something really complicated very easy. A fixed dowel bar system does not allow any bidirectional movement of adjacent slabs-on-grade. The patented PVC conector plays in the IDEAL JOINTS SYSTEM. First, the PVC screw connector is the assembly element for the two independent steel forms seperating the actual slabs-on-grades. Secondly, it is a guide for the dowel bar to slide comfortably through the metal forms into the PVC oval shaped dowel sleeves protector. Once the concrete has hardened the hydration and early concrete stresses will snap the external connection frame of the PVC guide, leaving the joints free for movement. Once the horizontal vertical and lateral movement begin the internal connection framework of the PVC connector will collapde, allowing total independent movement. 

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To solve the problem of the steel mesh being positioned incorrectly the IDEAL JOINT SYSTEM® has integrated fixed brackets for the steel mesh to be placed on. The integrated fixed brackets are exactly positioned on third from the top of the IDEAL JOINT SYSTEM to ensure the steel mesh is correctly placed. IDEAL JOINT SYSTEM has a full technical specification written by engineer ROBERTO TROLI FROM ENC Lab. (The laboratory approved by the Ministry of Public Works and certified by the Ministry of the universities and research in Science and Technology) and technical documentation written by Renzo AICARDI, former member of the Executive Board CON.PAV.I.(Italian Association of Industrial Floors) and now technical manager of ENCOPER(National Agency of Manufacturing Pavements and Caoting).  

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External construction joints have different requirement to internal construction joints. Exposure to a wide range of tempreatures and other weather related issue's such as rain, snow and ice need to be considered when specifying construction joints. High tempreature cause slabs-on-grade to expand: if the construction joints has not been correctly designed to allow for this excessive movement then spilling and cracking may appear. IDEAL JOINT SYSTEM offers the flooring engineer a simple solution to allow for excessive thermal heat expansion, simply by adding extra isolation for external use is the galvanized option on the steel forms for optimal protection against frost and winter slat erosion(Galvanized steel forms not dowel bars). 

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