Concrete Flooring- Pour to Polish

Project Management


BGSB encourages clients to consider polishing long before concreting. The range of finishes that are achievable by adding color and custom aggregates is astonishing. For an existing concrete flooring, BGSB recommends polishing a small area and then considering a modern aesthetic toppings product.


Pre-pour planning: BGSB’s pour to polish approach includes; design, steel works, inlays, floor heating and polishing, before commencement of construction of concrete floorings. BGSB seals and finishes the floor when all building work is complete. Pour to polish only requires a little planning to achieve a 5 star result.

Batch design (concrete mix): Achieving the desired and right finish has a lot to do with the concrete mix. The choice of liquid additives, colours and aggregates is a design and style decision. Understanding how these parts come together is important. Starting with the right mix makes a real difference. That is why BGSB provides a complete service from concreting to polishing of your concrete floors.

Broadcasting materials: A key difference between a good and a BGSB  5 star result is the broadcasting of materials .This is done when there is a small window of opportunity as concrete cures. This can achieve consistent or random distribution or introduce a design element such as ferrous metals, marble, or glass. Broadcasting requires real skill and is part of BGSB’s craftsmanship.

Grinding perfection: Quality 5 star finishes are more than a simple grind and coat. BGSB employs a range of products during the entire process. Perfect grinding before construction removes edges that otherwise form along a wall. This creates an open and spacious feeling

Grinding (polishing) specification: BGSB employs an easy to specify system of grinding. Basically these range from fine to course, for indoor or outdoor applications . BGSB uses the following names for each grade of finish on varirty of concrete flooring options.

  • Ballroom
  • Living
  • Cafe
  • Warehouse
  • Garage
  • Pathway


Care during construction: Achieving a spacious, seamless floor starts with managed care. BGSB believes in sacrificial sealing and wrapping material to protect concrete flooring during the building process.

Protection and sealing: Professional treatment ensures a durable surface and reduces the affect of cold rising through the slab. Using a multi-intergraded sealing system, BGSB achieves three objectives. Firstly it impregnates densifier /hardener deep into the surface and close concrete pores. Secondly it provides a wear resistant barrier and reduces the need for further polishing. Thirdly it apply a finishing layer of polish to achieve either a flat matte look or a high three dimensional luster.

Ongoing care and maintenance: BGSB’s 5 star floors feature easy, low maintenance. BGSB’s pour to polish approach significantly improves floor performance. All that it needs is the simple use of a dust mop and a weekly clean with a neutral cleaner.